The Rough Mix EP

by Good Samaritans (2004)

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released June 8, 2004

Written by P & Breeze.
Produced by JP Matte.
'Trial of Mind' Produced by DaWN.
Recorded by P & Leveq.
Mixed & Mastered by Matriq.
Artwork by P.



all rights reserved


Good Samaritans Québec, Québec

Canadian rap group since 1997.


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Track Name: Fire Camp
Good Samaritans
Life as we tell it
Check it!

A young warrior
Pushed in a world
He felt inferior
'til he got the picture realizin' he was stronger
Than anybody else
He's always cold and so his ways
Hard to approach and to revolve around his ways
He's trynna stay sober so control out his days
Smokin' weed for inspiration with dreams to get paid
At another level
It is mine
There's no doubt
he knows the time
He don't sweat about his riches
It's just a matter of time
Before the doors open to a different way of livin'
But for now
He just follows the course of life
Keep on strugglin'
Lookin' for an opportunity to kick it
And bring home the bacon just to expand
On his feet like a man
With a plan he commands
You don't understand
Good Samaritans be the shit, Goddamn
We done came through a lot of stuff
And ever since we remain tough and tight like handcuffs
Yo! It pisses me off just like the Indians
When I see someone abusin' givin' back no recognition
Yo! My religion
I guess I lost it down this path
I don't practice anyone
I'm trynna get paid from raw rap
Drinkin' alcohol makes me brawl on all of y'all
Prayin' for my downfall
Peep this message God
You're the only one who knows why it's so hard
And also the one knowin' that I play my part
And I keep my faith
Walk through life with you
Reinforce with The Good Samaritans crew
The mystique is this
The chemistry is there
And spirituality takes my mind somewhere
You never know if you ain't got none
Go ahead, drop the gun
And start to live your life as one of God's son

It makes think of somebody
I thought I saw in my room one day
Trynna talk to me maybe
Was not able to look at it frightened
Layin' on my side
Day light on my back
Awaken by the heat
I think I thought it was black
More than that
I think I thought it was Mike
I think I thought it was sad
Turnin' back to me
Afraid of it to become mad at me
Shit I was naked
It's not that I'm modest
but I can't deal with sex and phantoms
I was hidin' my face with my forearm
My eyes was lookin'
But yo I'm tellin' ya
Time was dead
Nothin' else was movin'
But my heart pumpin', hair pullin'
Tellin' me not to breathe even
It disapeared when I had the gut to open I eyes and talk
Damn this is when we need fire arms
I know it was no human
Maybe illusions
But how I felt goes with what was circumstances
Grandma died in my room a few years ago
And I know she was close to all her people
We were talkin' about her days before I seen her yo
Let me tell you
Don't wanna be close to tombstones
Woke up watchin' everywhere
like through my window and my wardrobe
Opened my door
And felt like I had to call
to tell somebody what was happening
Scared like a bitch almost shakin' showerin' and thinkin'
Shit to be soakin' wet never was so strange
Don't know if I will see her again
Keep your distance
This goes against my grain
Don't wanna your face
Your death left enough traces
Track Name: Operate
Yo you cant complain all your life
Come on boy
Get up, make moves
Whatever seems right doit
Even if the majority aint down with it
Nobody will change the situation you deal with
But yourself so give it a try
Toss fools aside
Put every chances on your side
Come onFace the storm and remain strong
If you slip and take a fall
Wipe your face and move on come on
Never give up
Work shit up
And if you dont succeed
Then it is not enough
It takes heart to reach and reaise a dream
Sometimes things aint as big as they seem
Dont let no one tell you it is impossible
Reply with who the fuck you think you are talking to
There is always someone trynna redefine
Pay em no mind
I hear it every time

To sit there and never smile will never give you shit
Operate kid and dont be selfish
Dont give up
Just stay busy
Make that brain work
And dont give it to me
That you are tired and without a cent
That ass gets fucked if it is bent
Better days are always to come
Dont wait for nobody
And make sure to remember where you came from
A few advices can take you further]
Have you ever heard of
Someone who succeeded by himself
Believe me you need to be surrounded
That shit is healthy
Wealthy motherfuckas have real friends
The rest they cry in their Mercedes Benz
Make sadness go past tense
And intensity of hapiness will resurface

Things wont come your way by their own
You gotta Operate in order to bring it home
Even if you feel alone
You gotta hold on
And stick to your vision
Only you can put it on (X2)

Time to operate I gotta give a 100%
Of everything I got
To make it worth every cent
Spent ti hear me live or on CD
One thing guaranteed
You gon feel me
Flowin over beats real smoothly
Such a listening pleasure from Breeze
Follow me now mcs please dont copy
Cause that is what seperates me from all yall pussies
Best believe me
There is nothing free
Easy to tell from all these vultures posted around me
Waiting fot the moment to get me
But I aint going out like a sucka
Come get me

I am in that mood of sleeping all day
Meet new girls and do party
But I put discipline in my life
And that light in your eyes
Helps me go through problems whatever their size
The presence of women is fundemental
To talk, to fuck or watch movies
I Operate
18 and over
P has rated this verse only for adults
I also must kick my butt to work out
Make more music and stay off the couch
Stakes is high
Expectations too
The world needs our vibe that is so hard so cool

Things wont come your way by their own
You gotta Operate in order to bring it home
Even if you feel alone
You gotta hold on
And stick to your vision
Only you can put it on (X2)